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PMI Green Country is dedicated to providing our clients with excellent customer service by maximizing owner profitability while preserving their investment in real estate. At PMI Green Country, we make property management, manageable!

The key to our success is not only providing prompt, friendly and professional services to our property owners and their tenants, but also understanding that your property is an important investment in your future as well as ours. We not only strive to increase the value of your asset over time, but we also help you set the maximum rent possible so each month you grow in your investment.

The mindset of Tulsa Property Management Inc is one of a hands on common sense approach. From managing your property to your association, we try hard to be fiscally responsible and to make sure every item we bid is the best value. We spend time overseeing projects to make sure the board or the homeowner is happy. Our mindset is to really hold us accountable to what we say we will do by making sure everything we act on is very transparent. We believe the more communication the better and we offer a streamlined approach to communication. We also believe in top notch service excellence in a post service world. We have observed most every industry out there to be less and less service oriented every day. We want to change that for property management and exceed all expectations of customer service.

Shawn Klahr is the owner and principle owner of Tulsa Property Management. He has over twenty years of owning rental properties as well as managing his own and other multi family homes. He understands the needs of the homeowner. Often times, Shawn is sought out for his expertise of whether to buy or invest in property from out of state investors and he has experience explaining markets and price points in order for owning rental property and showing how profitable it can be. He helps you maximize your profits, freeing up your time so that he can do the actual day to day operations of managing your property. Shawn realizes that property management is his passion and this is truly living his dream. Shawn bought the Property Management franchise in 2016 as he realized that this fast growing franchise was one that is cutting edge and could aid him in maximizing his own properties as well as properties of others. Shawn was born and raised in Coweta, Oklahoma where he owns and manages several single family homes as well as a multi family complex.

Meet the Local PMI Green Country Team

Shawn Klahr

Shawn Klahr, PMI owner has been in the real estate and property management business for years. Shawn is a native of Coweta where he graduated high school in 1987. He has 3 kids, Whitney, 24, Ryan, 22 and Jace, 16. Shawn has always had an entrepreneurial spirit as it is in his blood.

Back in the late 70’s his Dad and Grandpa put in the first Sonic’s in Coweta, Fort Gibson and Collinsville. Shawn has owned several businesses such as a dry cleaning business, donut shop, construction company and his lifelong passion has been properly management. In early to mid-2000’s, Shawn owned and managed, with various partners, six different multi-family apartment complexes. In 2007, he built an 18000 sf retail strip center next to Wal-mart in Coweta that is home to 8 thriving small businesses which has helped Coweta grow.

Shawn currently owns about 40 rental properties in the surrounding Tulsa Metro Area. Shawn became a licensed real estate agent in 2012 and currently holds his license at Sprik Realty. Shawn bought the PMI franchise in July 2016 because he felt like there was a need for service oriented property management Tulsa companies in the Tulsa and surrounding metro areas.

Shawn recently got engaged and with the combined families will have 5 kids adding Kelsi 21and Brandon, 16. Shawn is excited about his brand new grandbaby as of March 2017. Shawn enjoys traveling and spending time with his family and is an avid football fan with his favorite teams being Oklahoma State and the Dallas Cowboys.
Angie Bias
VP of Home Owners Associations

Angie is Tulsa area’s VP of Home Owners Associations. Five years of experience as a biology adjunct endows her with the resourcefulness to advise board members on full particulars of our patented property management Tulsa software. She devotes herself to allocating association funds to build reserves by providing line item transparency of financial reports. As the owner of her own contracting construction company, she brings the know-how to resolve corporation affairs.